World peace is possible if we work together

If World Peace is the kind of peace that people choose, then that kind of peace must comply with the common belief that all people are equals in their entitlement to human rights and freedom regardless of where they live and who they are.

It must comply with the principles of free democratic choice amongst all people, free and willing adherence to a system of international law and order, the theory of co-operation amongst people not competition between people, the principles of peaceful and civilized achievement, which benefits all people.

It must be non-partisan and non-discriminatory, it must provide protections for the sovereignty of all nations, and it must ensure that all civilized social, cultural, and religious beliefs are secure and un-compromised. It must serve the good of all people and countries and be of the people, by the people and most of all, for the people.

At Solve.Org our team has realized these simple rules. Love, Protect and Help one another, and with these simple rules we can all live in a better world, full of peace and happiness, a more prosperous life.

Join us today in our efforts to find solutions for world peace and harmony.

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